How to Set Light Intensity?


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Jun 7, 2023
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According to you guys feedback we have summarized some points of light intensity settings.​

There are many factors to be considered in light settings, which should be comprehensively considered according to tank size, the type and status of aquatic plants, Co2, and substrate fertility...

For example, in the early stage of a planted tank, the aquatic plants have not yet adapted to the new environment (including water quality, substrate, whether to use tap water, etc.), so the light intensity setting should not exceed 30%, which will help plants quickly adapt to the environment. If the light intensity is too high, algae will bloom, and the growth of algae will affect the growth of plants.

When the plants grow normally, if there is Co2 in the tank, it is recommended to set 50%-90% (if there are more shade-loving plants, it is recommended to set 50%-60%, and half shade-loving plants and half sun plants, it is recommended to set 60%-70%, and there are more sun plants, it is recommended to set 80%-90%); If there is no Co2, it is recommended to set 50%-70%, which can reduce the growth of algae.

As for color settings, it can be set according to the color of the plants. If there are more red plants, the red channel can be larger, and if there are more green plants, the green channel can be larger (Tank with more green plants will render to reddish by adding appropriate red channel). It is recommended to directly select the preset mode in our app like 'Red' or 'Buce' mode or fine-tune the preset mode according to your own preferences.

In brief, raising the aquatic plants first in the early stage, and then considering colors in the later stage, otherwise it will be easy to bloom algae.
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