Light not working from power outage


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Feb 27, 2024
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I bought a C 2 light in January and there was a firmware update but there was a power outage causing my WIFI to stop working and now I cannot connect to my light and control the dimming and time settings. I tried deleting the device but then I did not see it on the find device screen.
You use Wifi Hub to connect the light?
Firmware update for C II light or the Hub?

Now use Bluetooth connection app cannot detect the light?
I do no use the Wifi hub and I was updating the light.
Oh so you mean the firmware update was interrupted?
If yes you can download an app nRF Connect to scan all the devices and take screenshots of the Scanner page.
Use the nRF Connect app

Below attached a zip document, you can download and save it to your phone firstly.
Then follow steps 1,2,3,4. The "" in step 4 is the document you saved "NEWC2UPDAT".

Step 1.pngStep 2.pngStep 3.pngStep 4.png


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