How to Set Kelvin of The Light for Aquatic Plants?


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Jun 7, 2023
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Color temperature is the "quantity of sunlight color" expressed in absolute temperature (K).​

The light of the sun has different temperatures in the morning, noon, and dusk. The temperature of the morning and evening is about 2000-3000k, and the temperature of the morning and afternoon on a sunny day is about 4500-5000k, and the temperature is about 6000-8000k of the noon on a cloudy day, the temperature is about 8000-10000k of the noon on a sunny day, and the temperature of the noon on a cloudless sunny day can reach 20000k. Therefore, "the temperature is high or not" is what we often say "the sun is bright or not".

In nature, the requirements for color temperature of aquatic plants are not harsh. Generally, the temperature is between 4000-6500k. It is not necessary to have a high temperature to be the best, it depends on the needs of aquatic plants. There are three types of aquatic plants: sun plants, shade-tolerant plants, and shade-loving plants. The high color temperature of the aquatic plant tank is good, but the high temperature it produces will also trouble the growth of aquatic plants. If the temperature of your aquarium is not high, you can choose shade-tolerant or even shade-loving plants. It's better the aquatic plants can grow, but you need to trim them frequently, and it is troublesome and time-consuming to maintain.

You guys can follow these to set kelvin:

  1. 6500k is suitable for raising most aquatic plants;
  2. Ordinary green aquatic plants need no more than 7000k;
  3. 7000K-10000k is suitable for cultivating aquatic plants that require strong light;
  4. Above 17000k is specially used to raise corals.
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