How do you reset the bluetooth on the Doctor?


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Jun 21, 2024
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I was trying to remove and re-add my Doctor to the My Chihiros app but the Bluetooth indicator remains solid and not blinking. How do I reset the doctor so that I can rediscover it in the My Chihiros app? Thanks in advance for any and all help
Reset: Delete the doctor from Device list, plug out the power supply for a few minutes then plug back in to search again.
Unfortunately, I did that and when it comes back on the Bluetooth light flashes for a bit and then goes solid. However, when I open up the devices in the My Chihiros app there aren't any, nor can I add it. I am using an iPhone to connect to the doctor if that helps with troubleshooting this issue.
I figured it out and wanted to respond in the event that someone else runs into this issue. If you are using an iPhone and delete the doctor from the app, it still remembers it even though you won't see it in the app. You will have to remove the My Chihiros app and reinstall it in order to re-add the doctor.
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