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Mar 13, 2024
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I try to set 2 Automations for the light.

but this doesen't work, is this a bug or can only one automation for 1 light be set?
Both time periods couldn't work?
what's the firmware version of your wifi hub?
Take a screenshot of the light Device information page.
What's your login email of the app?

Use bluetooth connection not wifi hub, would the 2 automations work?
Ok, you can try with bluetooth connection.
With wifi hub connection light don't work, you mean both time periods couldn't work? Light didn't turn on?
I tried it now with the bluetooth.
The first automation turned on correct. Now I wait if it turn off and on correct and connect it to the hub again.

Yesterday the status in the dashboard show 75% but the light doesen't light, if this info help.
Ok, pay attention to both automations, see if they work normally with bluetooth connection.

And with wifi hub connection, see the light turn on/off late or just doesn't turn on at those 2 time periods.
today I reseted all and test it from beginning and it doesen't work.
If it's the problem with the wifihub for what I need the hub?!
With wifi hub connection, light turned on late or didn't turn on all the day?
What's your time zone? GMT full time zone or half time zone?
yes but this is realy bad to configurate...

But I'll do it that way, it's a shame that it doesn't work with the automation. Maybe it will work in the future
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You can try it with customize mode, then let us know the result. Technicians then will review on our lab.
wit the customize it work, but it's tricky to config. If I will turn on the light at 07:00 I must set the light of at 06:59 and on at 07:00 for the hysterese.

I hope it will work with the Automation in the Future
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Technicians said now you can use customize mode, the wifi hub may have a match bug with A II series lights in Auto mode.