WRGB II Pro advanced settings?


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Feb 19, 2024
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Using Chihiros App it is possible to customize the intensity of RGB and W channels using "plus" and "-" buttons for each time point. If you want to use several time point (i.e. time point 00:00 hour, time point 08:00 hour, time point 12:00 hour, time point 18:00 hour, time point 20:00 hour), you have to adjust each color (R, G, B and W) for each time point using "plus" and "-" buttons on the screen of mobile phone. This is quite a tedious task.

And now the question (for members and for administrator). Is it possible to import such setting as a file (created in editor like Notepad or eve Excel? The file should look something like that:
time: 00h 08h 12h 18h 20h
R: 5% 25% 60% 25% 0%
G: 3% 15% 40% 17% 0%
B: 5% 20% 55% 20% 0%
W: 2% 12% 30% 13% 0%
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Now can use Customize mode to set, and you can save the settings, if you wanna use just load.