Wifi Hub & schedues on WRGB Slim 2


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Mar 10, 2024
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I have a 120 cm WRGB2 SLIM LED light and also have configured it with the Wifi Hub.


As seen above, the light is binded to the hub and has good signal.

I have observed that my schedules are not working with I set them.bia the hub and work fine when used independently.

Can you throw some light(literally) as to why it's not working here?
Take a screenshot of the firmware version of the wifi hub.
And take a screenshot of the light Device information page.
Inform us your login email of the app.
Technicians will check later.
Delete the light from Device list.
Long press the central part of the wifi hub to reset it.
Next try to set again.
Tried it. Didn't work. The WiFi hub didn't reset. Long pressing the center of device caused it to reboot. It connected to WiFi automatically without any config.

Also tried reinstalling the app, same issue.

I set up the light again, and still the timing was off by 30 mins.
The problem of using wifi hub is turning on/off 30mins late?
So it work with the wifi hub from 9:10am-11:45am? And second period from 7:45pm-11:45pm?
Ok so the first time period it turned on 30mins late, also turned off 30mins late?
You can pay attention to the second period turn on/off time.

And what's the time zone of your phone? GMT? Does it a full time zone or half time zone?
Yes 30 min late in both start and end time.


I expect it to start at 7:15 PM IST and off at 11:15 PM. Let's see.

My time zone is IST. GMT+5:30.

With BT this issue is not there.
Managing timezones is not that difficult. I wasn't expecting sudh issues. You should simply allow the user to set the timezone in the app and then NTP can do the rest.

When do I exoect a fix for the same?