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Dec 14, 2023
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I have a couple of feature requests to the app:

1. Please, raise the max possible amount to more than 999.9ml in the dosing "Enter Vol. in container" input field. Example scenario: I use the pump to top up 300 ml of water to my nano daily, from a 5 liter container. I can't utilize the low level alert because of this unnecessarily low upper limit.

2. In Activity -> Timeline -> Add activity, it would be nice to have the option "Other" with user-editable header text. Example scenario: I'd like to make a note when I've added root fertilizer tabs.
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I would agree with motorcade on timeline. Having one or more customizable timeline will be a must (filter special maintenance, medical treatment, fertilizer)

I also have dosing pump and it will be really useful having recurrence with two weeks, monthly and custom repeat. By eg. Microbe lift products are used every two weeks or monthly bases
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Volumen should be not limited - that would be fine...
And schedule changes should not get into effect only on the next day - the "old" schedule is terminated, but the new is starting on the next day?
Pls give an option to let new schedule start at any given time...
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