Can I connect my A2 801 light with anything else than my phone over bluetooth?


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Jan 26, 2024
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Hi, I currently have a very nice A2 801 above my vivarium. I am building a controller for the lights, fans, humidity and other values. I can control the A2 light with the app on my phone but I would like to know if it is possible to make my controller connect with the A2 light. I can use Bluetooth or Wifi to connect.
A II light has built-in bluetooth, just open phone bluetooth, GPS(Android only) and Location Service to search and connect it in the app My Chihiros.
I know how the light works. I can connect my phone just fine.

If you read my question again I want to know if I can connect my controller that is not my phone or the chihiros controller.

I am using a Arduino Giga that can use Bluetooth and BLE. So is it possible to control the A2 light with an arduino?