wrgb2pro auto mode don't work by wifi-hub


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Apr 5, 2024
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Hi! ... my wrgb2pro80 and wrgb2pro120 lamps don't work in auto mode through wifi-hub ... individually (through BT) they work on auto, but paired with wifi-hub they light.up only in customize or manual mode ... see attached screens with settings and firmware


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Technicians said when you set well the auto mode with Wifi Hub, plug out the power supply of the hub, see if the light work as the auto schedule?
Set auto mode use this setting
the auto mode does not work neither the wifi powered on or off during the time schedule ... also, when setting up the automode, the light does not come on when switch on the green button, during his time it should be on ... only manual and customize mode works with wifi paired devices
You can log out then back in to update the Wifi Hub firmware.
Asked technicians, this firmware issue needs an special app update.
Inform us your email address, we'll send you.