RGB Vivid Mini (75w) not showing on bluetooth


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Dec 4, 2023
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I brought a second hand Vivid mini (version 1) when I set it up it turns on with a dull white light, also the Bluetooth blue light flashes on top. when I downloaded the app and signed in with google the light isn't showing up.

I've tried adding location services and Bluetooth discovery to the app, tried restarting both app and light, uninstalled the app and reinstalled. nothing works can you advise me what I can try next please.

many thanks Aaron
Bluetooth blue light flashes on top is normal. Make sure open Bluetooth, GPS(for Android) and Location Service. Use the latest version app. If still cannot detect the light, download an app nRF Connect to scan all the devices and take screenshot of Scanner.

I downloaded an nRF but it wouldn't detect the light while it was on, but as I was unplugging the light the device appeared on the nRF just for a moment, so I kept toggling the light on and off. I removed the Bluetooth module and then placed it back in and after that the device managed to pair in the app not sure if this is a fixed light yet but I managed to get a light schedule setup and it worked for the duration and to the off stage last night so hopefully it will begin the morning cycle this morning. will update this if it continues to have issues.
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