Recommended fixture for unique tank dimensions


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Mar 18, 2024
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my tanks dimensions are 36" long, 15" wide, and 20" tall. The top of the tank has large brackets. The tank is approx. 47 gallons in volume. I have purchased numerous fixtures, I want to resolve this problem for good with my plants. I was wondering what is recommended - fixture wise - for a higher level tech planted tank? I inject C02, its on an automated system with a pH probe and controller, I have automated supplement dosing, automated top off, utilize RODI water that I sometimes have to remineralize depending on the current KH/GH levels, 1 dual stage GFO reactor from bulk reef supply, a two little fishies GFO reactor running two forms of phosban, canister filter with uv sterilization, ecotech marine mp10 running with another off brand circulation pump on the opposite side of the tank... Im currently using a 36" Hygger fixture but it really seems not to yield the results I want. I want to really reach the more advanced level of the hobby and have everything flourish... and be able to deliver higher skilled care for more involved plants but I feel like this light has been a limitation. I was thinking of doing 2 chihiros RGB vivid 2s but I wanted to hear other suggestions if possible?