Problem with calibration

Errol De Jesus

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Nov 13, 2023
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Hi!! I have a Chihiros dosing pump but I have a problem with the calibration process. The max that the pump fill he probe is 3.1-3.5. In each of the heads I make more than 6 attempts. What do you think will be the problem? My tank is 125 glns.
What's you settings of each dosing head? Please take screenshots. And inform your login email of the app.
Hi. Will be the distance from the dosing pump to the main tank? It’s a 125 galons tank. The dosing pump from the table I have it to the tank is 4 1/2’🤔
DosingTechnicians said you might not read the data correctly for the cylinder at the first time of calibration, you can check our tutorial videos.