Huge Problem with my WRGB II Pro 120


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Apr 7, 2024
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hi, since 2 years i have the wrgb 2 pro 120 cm led and i am really happy with it.

recently i wanted to change the led-settings, then the colours was going crazy, ending in a red light, that is blinking.

now it is constantly blinking red after a few seconds, nothing more is happening.

i can do nothing against it. i tried to change colours, reset setting, disconnect and reconnect, turned of the power, nothing works.

i realized, that the power adapter is also blinking like the led is doing, the same way.

also there came a smell out of the power adapter / blue-tooth-controller (i am not sure) that smelled like battery.

can u please help me with that? this led costed me a lot of money and i dont want to change it after just 2 years.

here is a video:

thanks a lot, best regards.

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Plug out the bluetooth controller, would the power adapter flickers again?
If not and the green indicator light keeps solid, the bluetooth controller broke.
You can replace a bluetooth controller.
Hi, thank you for the fast answer. I can not try it without the Bluetooth Controller, because there are different Plugin types (See Picture 1). so i cannot put the power adapter directly into the led light (or?).


But i realised now, that the bluetooth- Controller seems to broke (2nd Picture). yesterday it was really hot and i believe, it was the thing that smelled like battery.


what do you think?
Only plug the power supply, don't connect it to the bluetooth controller, the green indicator light flickers or keeps solid?
if i plugin the power supply, wothout connecting it to the bluetooth controller and the led-light, then the green light keeps solid, see picture

i changed the bluetooth controller and it fixes the problem. thank you very much!

is it normal, that the controller must be changed after a few years?