Dosing Pump not holding input prime


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Dec 13, 2023
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I recently purchased 2 dosing pumps. (I tried 1 first for macro nutrients and it worked great so I bought a second one for micro). I ran into an issue setting up the newest one this week. All 4 pumps work, however on pump #2, when it is done dispensing, the input side (connecting to the liquid holder) loses its prime and the level drops all the way into the container. The output side holds. I have checked my connection to the provided tubing multiple times (I made sure all the others work perfectly without air bubbles, so I know what I’m doing), but still it is not working. I also don’t see any leaks on any of the connections, but have not tried/don’t know how to remove the pump head. I have read that it is possible the tubing inside the head has a hole but am not sure what is wrong.
I have a dosing pump that has done the same. Could you please provide information on how to fix the problem