Different colors in two vivid II


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Oct 14, 2023
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Hi. I have two Vivid II lamps, at dawn and dusk the lamps glow in a different color. Why? They have the same settings but shine differently.
This is quite frustrating

What's the ID numbers of both light?
And what's your login email of the app?
Technicians will ceck the datas.
The lamps have been this color since I had them. One of the lamps was under warranty repair. But it shines the same.
Try to use manual mode, slide each RGB channel separately from 0% to 100%, will the light work normally?
Different production batches will cause this phenomenon, and low light brightness also can lead to this. Manual mode no problem the light has no issues. If you wanna the same colors you can set higher the light percentage.
I do not like it. If I buy two lamps, I expect them to be identical. I'm not going to set anything up manually. Please tell me what I should do to make the lamps glow the same on automatic settings.Should I replace the PCB? Which ID is older and which is younger?
Because of the dynamic change of the alternating current, it has a current difference.
The current difference is superimposed several times on the led beads. Even if the current difference is small, the data will become very large after the superposition, so the color is different.
The smaller the intensity, the more pronounced the difference.
You sell PCBs for Vivid II in the parts store.But they are different than the ones I have in my lamps. They don't have a battery slot.Are these different PCBs?


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Yes, yours is the old version, new PCB can light your old light but there is still a bit difference of the led beads.