Chihiros wrgb slim 2 non funziona modalità Auto


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Apr 8, 2024
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Ciao lampada chihiros wrgb slim 2 che non si accende nella modalità Auto, collegato tramite bluethoth e wifi nella modalità manuale si accende ma nella modalità Auto no, provato disinstallare l'applicazione ma nulla. Avete consigli?


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Do you use Wifi Hub?

Connect light with bluetooth, manual and customize modes worked normally, auto mode didn't turn on?

Did you open the green on/off button in auto settings?
Si , solo in modalità Auto non si accende


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With bluetooth connecction can it be turned on in auto mode?
Or only Wifi connection auto mode didn't work?

What's the firmware of the Wifi Hub?
Ho spento wifi e la lampada non si accende in modalità Auto nemmeno con il bluethoth.
Manual and customize modes work normally with bluetooth and wifi connection?

What's your app version? Is it the latest 2.6.32? You can update frm Google Play.
You can update the app My Chihiros to the latest version in Google Play, then enter hub to update the firmware.
If no firmware updating notification, plug out the hub for a few minutes then plug back in to add again to update.